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This is a nonfiction audiobook narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, David Chapman. Full text at:

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Jan 22, 2023

Peculiar features of language make sense as tools to enable collaboration, rather than to express objective truths.

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Jan 15, 2023

We actively work to perceive aspects of the world as meaningful, in terms of our purposes, in context.
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A mess.

In this episode is a mention of a perception test of tracking basketball players passing a ball:

Jan 8, 2023

You are accountable for reasonableness: Accountability is the key concept in understanding mere reasonableness, as contrasted with systematic rationality.
Reasonableness is routine: Routine activity usually goes smoothly overall, despite frequent minor glitches, because we...

Jan 1, 2023

Aspects of reasonableness: A summary explanation of everyday reasonable activity, with a tabular guide and a concrete example.
Reasonableness is meaningful activity: Understanding concrete, purposeful activity is a prerequisite to understanding the formal rationality...

Dec 25, 2022

Everyday reasonableness is the foundation of technical, formal, and systematic rationality.
This is not cognitive science - The Eggplant is neither cognitive nor science, although it seeks a better understanding of some phenomena cognitive science has studied.