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Nov 7, 2021

This episode narrates the new pages “'Nihilism is OK' is not OK" and "The uncanny absence of nihil –ism".
“Nihilism is inevitable, but not a problem.” This is mistaken: it makes you miserable and ineffective, and erodes social and cultural capacity.
Nihilism, like botulism, is not an ideology or conceptual system. It is a stance: an emotionally-charged way of being.
Links mentioned in this episode:
In "Postmodernism vs. The Pomoid Cluster" John Nerst analyzes the relationship between postmodernism as an academic theory, and “pomo” as a popular way of relating to meaningness.
The TV Tropes page "Straw Nihilist".
I struggled with saying "schismatic subsects", but you only get the edited version in which I nailed it. :)
Original music by Kevin MacLeod.
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