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This is a nonfiction audiobook narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, David Chapman. Full text at:

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Nov 21, 2021

Lite nihilism, on the way to completion: Lite nihilism includes a valuable, accurate analysis of the failure of eternalism.
Not really meaningful: “Nothing REALLY means anything” sounds plausible when you feel nihilistic. What does “really” mean, though?

Nov 14, 2021

The many justifications for nihilism rely on a handful of mistaken patterns of reasoning.
Links mentioned in this episode:
Scott Alexander’s blog post “Proving too much”.
"Finding Meaning In An Imperfect World" by Iddo Landau
Original music by Kevin...

Nov 7, 2021

This episode narrates the new pages “'Nihilism is OK' is not OK" and "The uncanny absence of nihil –ism".
“Nihilism is inevitable, but not a problem.” This is mistaken: it makes you miserable and ineffective, and erodes social and cultural...

Oct 31, 2021

A world of total license: the catastrophe some fear if nihilistic views become widespread.
Original music by Kevin MacLeod.
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Oct 24, 2021

Nihilism has a taboo allure of forbidden power—because everyone knows eternalism is wrong.
Recognizing meaninglessness requires unusual intelligence, courage, and toughness. Nihilist elitism renders you stupid, cowardly, and helpless,...