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This is a nonfiction audiobook narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, David Chapman. Full text at:

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Jul 25, 2021

Nihilism says nothing means anything—but no one actually believes that. Lite nihilism weakens the claim, to make it plausible.

Original music by Kevin MacLeod.

This podcast is under a Creative Commons...

Jul 18, 2021

Nihilism is the wrong idea that nothing is meaningful, based on the accurate realization that there is no external, eternal source of meaning.

Original music by Kevin MacLeod.

This podcast is under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial International 4.0 License.

Jul 11, 2021

The author has moved the chapter of the book we'll read in today's episode. The chapter now belongs earlier in the book than where we are. It belongs between episode 16, "Meaningfulness", and episode 17, "Eternalism". So, I'm going to back up and read this chapter now, out of order.

Meaning cannot be either objective or...

Jul 5, 2021

We're taking a break from narrating Meaningness to read an important foundational essay by the author of Meaningness, David Chapman.

As we reach the end of the Eternalism section of Meaningness, it's time for one of the essays I included in the Patreon backer survey. This essay is an overview by David Chapman of the...